Music Classes at Create Hope Studios

At Create Hope Studios, we strive to bring new classes and opportunities to our community for people to get invovled creating art. CHS Music offers some of the best music classes in Middle Tennessee, from guitar to drums, and children to adult, there's something for everyone.
We are also offering PRIVATE PIANO and VOCAL LESSONS for children ages 6-18! 
If you would like to register for a private piano or vocal lesson, please click the button below to get in touch with CHS Director, Lauren Cochran, to set up a time.
Weather Policy:
Create Hope Studios will close during inclement weather such as snow, ice, and tornados. Communicating weather closures will be done by the class instructor.

Meet the instructors.

Bill Bowles

Guitar and Bass Instructor
Bill is self-taught on guitar and bass. He started playing in seventh grade and went on to teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar lessons as well as a program for the archdiocese schools in New Orleans. He's been playing bass and guitar for 52 years, and has released albums on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere you listen to music.

Darren Darling

Drum Instructor
Darren Darling, originally from Cincinnati, OH has been playing drums for over 30yrs. Before moving to Nashville in 2014, Darren has played in some of the most popular venues in NYC, NJ, Philly, and LA. Darren enjoys teaching drums and challenges his students to focus on fundamentals, feel, form, mechanics, muscle memory, volume control, and having fun.

Kyla Jones

Piano and Vocal Instructor
Kyla has been playing piano and singing for over 20 years. She began taking piano lessons at an early age and was the accompanist for her high school choir. Also in high school, Kyla was the lead singer in a young women's barbershop quartet where they participated in multiple competitions and competed internationally. Kyla moved to Nashville and trained to become a voice coach. She was a member of a Nashville worship band for two years where she sang and played piano. 

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